As in every summer for the past ten years, the Cetate Arts Danube artist residency takes place in a 19th-century Romanian estate near the river. A former cereal barn has been transformed into artists’ studios for those invited by Joana Grevers, the organiser of this event and the owner of 418gallery. This year, attendees include Stefan Radu Cretu, Albert Kaan, Constantin Luser, Ignazio Mortellaro, Stefan Papco, Diet Sayler, and Petrica Stefan.
The estate’s columns and its small tower reflect a neoclassical architecture. Combined with the tranquillity, the pink hue of the evening sky, and the occasional sound of birds, one can easily feel as if they are in Tuscany. This year, the group of Romanian and international artists had the opportunity to interact with participants of the “Art in Context” curatorial workshop for five days at the estate, allowing for the exchange of ideas and discussions over drinks. Each day, delicious Sicilian food was prepared for them by the cook Caterina Guardino from Sciacca.

26.06 – 18.07.2017

Stefan Radu Cretu (Sibiu)
Albert Kaan (Bucharest)
Constantin Luser (Vienna)
Ignazio Mortellaro (Palermo)
Stefan Papco (Bratislava)
Diet Sayler (Nuremberg)
Petrica Stefan (Timisoara)