Cetate Arts Danube – Artists in Residence

“The 19th century residence with its granaries, mill, stables and administrative buildings is situated just a few kilometers off the Danube forming the natural boarder between Romania and Bulgaria and some 70 kilometers from Serbia. The time it takes to get there is the exact time your mind needs to de-clutter from everyday life. Because the artist residence CetateArtsDanube Dr. Joana Grevers founded on her family’s old property in Cetate (once it was restored to the family after the end of Communism) is an extraordinarily rich experience, visually, aesthetically, intellectually, culturally and even gastronomically. Grevers’ sensitivity for the place is all-encompassing: bit by bit always new parts of the property are caringly restored or rebuild, she has a knowledge of what food, what rhythm, what characters are beneficial and constructive for the atmosphere of the place. The isolation and simultaneous abundance of the place (created by nature and the Fundatia Joana Grevers) is a fertile ground for great results. This year’s artists were Mihail Cosuletu, Stefan Radu Crețu, Albert Kaan, Adina Mocanu, Stefan Petrica and Miki Velciov.

Every invited artist in this 11th edition of the residence that takes place every year in the summer months has added a sensitive and valuable contribution to this place of great energy and inspiration. The works of a variety of media insert themselves without force into nature and architecture just like nature has inserted itself into the architecture all around. If only humans could create more places of such harmony and mutual respect between animate and inanimate elements… “ Victoria Dejaco (Graz)

03.07 – 03.08.2018

Mihail Cosuletu (Bucharest)
Stefan Radu Cretu (Sibiu)
Albert Kaan (Bucharest)
Adina Mocanu (Bucharest)
Petrica Stefan (Timisoara)
Miki Velciov (Timisoara)

Special guest curator: Victoria Dejaco (Graz)