The 12th edition of Cetate Arts Danube – Artists in Residence took place from June 24th to July 24th, 2019. The edition showcased 5 artists – Sasha Auerbarkh, Stefan Radu Cretu, Albert Kaan, Petrica Stefan, Miki Velciov – along with 2 special guests – Napoleon Tiron and Johannes Vogl. Cretu focused on a kinetic piece titled “Fake Ghost,” Petrica created a site-specific mural, Kaan initiated a sculptural piece with substantial dimensions, Auerbakh crafted a Moon piece, and Velciov realized a sculpture akin to the one he created the previous year, playing with scale, optical illusions, and colours, aptly titled “Triandra.” The culinary aspect of the residency was impeccably managed, featuring the delectable cuisine prepared by Sicilian cook Caterina Guardino.

With the valued support of AFCN.

24.06 – 24.07.2019

Sasha Auerbakh (Vienna)
Stefan Radu Cretu (Sibiu)
Albert Kaan (Bucharest)
Petrica Stefan (Timisoara)
Miki Velciov (Timisoara)