Cetate Arts Danube – Restauro and Maintenance Residence

This year we welcomed the conservators Gabriela Tillmanns from Munich and George Macovei from Bucharest together with two of the artists that contributed to our growing open-air art collection over the years, Mihai Cosuletu and Albert Kaan. It was a special residence, focused on restoring as well as maintaining the artworks from Cetate Sculpture Park.

For two weeks the artists and Gabriela Tillmanns worked constantly on updating and preserving the pieces, while George Macovei was involved in the house carpentry restoration.

Johannes Vogl, an artist from Berlin, visited the residence for inspiration, as he will take part in the artist’s residency in 2021.

14.07 – 28.07.2020

Albert Kaan (Bucharest)
Mihai Cosuletu (Bucharest)

Gabriela Tillmans (Munich)
George Macovei (Bucharest)