For our 13th edition, we hosted a restoration and art maintenance residency with Mihai Cosuletu, Albert Kaan, George Macovei, and Gabriela Tillmanns.
Mihai Cosuletu concentrated on his sculpture “Site,” which was initially crafted from Styrofoam but was then cast in concrete to endure the harsh weather conditions of the Romanian countryside.
Gabriela Tillmanns undertook the restoration of the “Danube, Danube” sculpture by Stefan Papco. The wood had lost its polished surface, and there were damages due to the weather conditions.
George Macovei participated in the restoration of the house’s carpentry. His primary focus was on a large wooden door, which turned out to be splendid after the restoration process.

Date: 14.07 – 28.07.2020

Albert Kaan (Bucharest)
Mihai Cosuletu (Bucharest)

Gabriela Tillmans (Munich)
George Macovei (Bucharest)