During the 14th edition, we were privileged to host the German artist Johannes Vogl at our residency in Cetate. He crafted his debut work for the sculpture park – a massive sphere installed on one of the electricity pylons. The aluminium rods sway with the wind, creating a remarkable piece that radiates during sunrise and sunset. The construction process was quite time-consuming, involving the meticulous cutting of aluminium rods from longest to shortest, and the creation of the sphere posed its own set of challenges.
Another artist present was Simon Iurino. He focused on restoring his sculpture, which was in dire need of attention. Ultimately, he had to resort to burning the wooden planks he used in order to make them resilient against the harsh weather of the Romanian countryside.
Lastly, Adina Mocanu, a multimedia artist renowned for her performance and video work, joined us as well. Adina staged a performance within a tent adorned with painted glass pieces, while a narrative she composed about the “glitter apocalypse” played through wireless headphones. Residual Glitter initially emerged as a striking image in response to impending doom, exploring the prospect of a post-Anthropocene era. The ‘action’ unfolds in a surreal landscape formed by a bizarre apocalypse that transforms everything into glitter.

Johannes Vogl (Berlin)
Simon Iurino (Vienna)
Adina Mocanu (Bucharest)

Dates: 11.08-29.08.2021