At the 15th edition, our residence hosted four artists: Albert Kaan, Stefan Radu Cretu, Alexandru Passat, and Cristian Raduta. The focus of this residency was restoration, during which the artists dedicated their efforts to restoring certain pieces and assisting with others, such as Napoleon Tiron’s “Labyrinth.”
Albert Kaan worked on two of his sculptures, incorporating LED lights and repairing the wooden planks of the pier.
Stefan Radu Cretu, who has several works at Cetate, devoted his attention to many of them, with a particular emphasis on “Asteroid.”
Cristian Raduta restored his Rhinos, which had been affected by the weather, along with other scattered works across the estate.
Alexandru Passat introduced his stone sculpture to the Sculpture Park.
In addition, a significant undertaking involved the renovation of the service house, now named “Casa Ileana.” This restoration resulted in the addition of three new rooms and a splendid transformation. The kitchen also underwent a makeover, leading to the creation of an outdoor summer kitchen for several weeks. It was a delightful experience as we dined under the stars and enjoyed breakfast with views of our enchanting park.

Stefan Radu Cretu (Sibiu)
Albert Kaan (Bucharest)
Alexandru Passat (Bucharest)
Cristian Raduta (Bucharest)

Dates: 19.06.-30.06.2022