During the fourth edition of the Cetate workshop, new artists were embraced by the serene yet potent beauty of Cetate. The American artist Maggie Michael was making her inaugural visit to the Romanian Danube locales and expressed her eagerness to return and relish the liberty of crafting within such an untamed and vibrant setting. Regarding sculptor Stefan Radu Cretu’s emotive creatures, the location couldn’t be more fitting. Upon arrival, one’s mind begins to conjure ideas about what Cetate might transform into in the future… yet, we are all appreciative of what already exists!

05.08 – 20.08.2011

Cristian Raduta
Adriana Elian
Stefan Radu Cretu
Romul Nutiu

Maggie Michael – artist, USA
Marina Albu – artist, Romania
Richard Unwin – freelance writer and art journalist, London