The Joana Grevers Foundation is pleased to announce the invite-only seventh edition of the Cetate Arts Danube Artists-in-Residence programme. This programme will showcase the work of five artists spanning various media: Anca Bodea (Cluj-Napoca, Painting), Raphaëlle Boutié (a special guest from Paris, specialising in Painting and Drawing), Ștefan Radu Crețu (Sibiu, Kinetic Art), Cristian Răduță (Bucharest, Sculpture, Installation), and Petrică Ștefan (a special guest from Timișoara, focusing on Painting).

The artworks produced during the residency will be exhibited at the 418 Contemporary Art Gallery in Bucharest later this year.

Strategic Partners: 418 Contemporary Art Gallery, AgroArt

25.07 – 15.08.2014

Anca Bodea (Cluj Napoca)
Stefan Radu Cretu (Sibiu)
Cristian Raduta (Bucharest)

Raphaelle Boutie (Paris)
Petrica Stefan (Timisoara)